There is a subject women love to address

Why the man in her life has to make such a mess

His aim in the bathroom can cause discontent

She can always tell when he’s gone in and went!

Toilet’s a big target, she can’t understand

What is his problem? Is it beyond his command?

The laws of physics do not ever change

The center of the bowl is not out of range!

He is a grown man. Yes, that much is true

How could he be old and not have a clue?

It’s like he’s blindfolded and trying to guess

Where that elusive spot is without success

Does he turn on the light or stand in the dark?

All that she knows is he misses the mark

Commode is not moving. Throne’s going nowhere

Is he hopping around whizzing while in midair?

Compared to her partner’s constant mistakes

Housebreaking a puppy – was a piece of cake

Can a man be trained? Does she dare to have hope?


She better stock up on stool-cleaning soap

Cleansers, disinfectants, and even some bleach

Those grisly stains are impossible to reach

It makes her shudder to try to envision

What he does in there with a lack of precision!

He’s even worse than the cat when it sprays

Does a man mark his territory? Is that just his way?

Can she finally get rid of her spongy wet mop?

If she gets him neutered? Would that make it stop?

Perhaps as a child, potty training not right

No reward as a treat. Something sweet, he could bite

Giving him candy for doing a good job

Might make him stop being a fire-hosing slob!

It just requires focus and some concentration

To give his best effort on every occasion

Is that asking too much? Does it really matter?

Make HIM clean it up! After all, they’re his splatters!

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