The myths surrounding developmental disabilities usually have no basis in fact. They are unfounded beliefs or assumptions that have been perpetuated for so long that they have been accepted as truth by some in society even though their inaccuracy is obvious. These myths create indifference and intolerance. They foster stereotypes that are completely unfair and … Continue reading DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY MYTHS


When it comes to raising children with developmental disabilities, mothers receive well-deserved attention for their parenting. They are considered the primary caregivers and nurturers. They interact with health care professionals, teachers, and case managers. They are always on the front lines advocating for their child’s rights, and they are vigilant concerning their health and safety. But although they may … Continue reading FATHERS


Autism is often misunderstood by the public. Because it takes many forms and has a wide range of characteristics, its effects can be subtle or startling. When it’s diagnosed, entire families are changed forever. Communication and social interaction can be affected in varying degrees. It is rapidly on the rise, and there is still much … Continue reading THE HUMANITY OF AUTISM


Imagine not being able to say a single word. Or consider that your speech is labored and difficult for others to understand, therefore conversations move too quickly for you to participate. This is the reality for many people with developmental disabilities. The fact that they are nonverbal or that their speech is not understandable adds … Continue reading COMMUNICATION


We are all aware of the concept of human rights. We are also aware of the fact that throughout history those rights have been denied to certain groups in society. Unfortunately, that has been particularly true when it came to men and women with developmental disabilities. Because they were often thought to be inferior, they … Continue reading DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY RIGHTS


The importance of jobs cannot be overstated because they provide the foundation for our nation’s economic stability. The more people that are working, the better off we are as a society. Employment empowers individuals by giving them the means to support themselves and by providing them with the ability to purchase the goods and services … Continue reading THE DIGNITY OF WORK


Individuals with disabilities have intellectual and physical issues that can make their daily lives quite challenging in significant ways. However, no matter what type of conditions they are required to deal with, they are just human beings who are doing the best they can to live in a way that has meaning for them. They … Continue reading INSPIRATION NOT REQUIRED