My wife is quite brave, but she is scared of mice

A fact so true, that it’s worth saying twice

A comical event could not help but unfold

Making this a story that needs to be told

We were going to turn in. It was late in the night

When my bride got a shock – a terrible fright

Wearing flannel pajamas and ready for bed

Something happened that filled her heart with great dread

Her worst fear came true. There was a mouse in the house!

And he made a beeline straight for my spouse!

She saw him coming and could not help but screech loud

Too late!

Inside of her PJ leg, the pesky pest plowed!

With dizzying deftness, he scurried up fast

I wondered how long this adventure would last

It was more than my wife could possibly bear

But I knew not to laugh! No, I didn’t dare

Lord have mercy! What a comical sight!

My hysterical bride, horrified by her plight

As the fleet furry fiend continued his climb

My spouse did not hesitate. She wasted no time

An Olympic gymnast, she instantly became

The routine she accomplished was worthy of fame

It began with a hair-raising, heart-stopping cartwheel

Performed to perfection, complete with a squeal

Then into a jaw-dropping high back handspring

But the rambunctious rodent continued to cling

A forward somersault was next on the bill

A spectacular feat! A genuine thrill!

She launched herself high in a steep scissors leap

While screaming some words that I’ll have to bleep

A daring double backflip came down with a plop

And all this was done in PJs and flip-flops!

Utterly spellbound, I stood frozen and amazed

The entire episode had been totally crazed

I could hardly believe what I’d seen with my eyes

I had no idea the girl was so spry!

But by now, the mouse had scampered away

He chose to flee far from this fierce frazzled fray

Silently vanishing while high in midair

Bringing a swift end to my spouse’s nightmare

The torturous tango with a terror so tiny

Had worn out my sweet wife and made her all whiney

But her flannel fiasco had left little chance

That she’d ever forget her PAJAMA PANTS DANCE!!!

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