A mouse got into our house

And terrorized my spouse

A comical event

Much energy spent

For he put up a fight

With all of his might

“Out he must go!” my wife cried in fear

I sprang into action, “Whatever, my dear.”

The battle was waged over many a night

While we peacefully snored, he would nibble and bite

The traps were checked each morning at dawn

Only to find that the bait was long gone

How does this happen I said to myself?

He must be some kind of magical elf (Yeah, I know. That’s a stretch.)

A PJ ride sent my wife into orbit

The mouse’s life, he surely must forfeit

But time and again he eluded my trap

My spouse grew tired putting up with my crap

But finally the day we’d been waiting for came

And I was about to escape from the blame

Springing from bed, I arose with the sun

And discovered, at last, that the struggle was won!

I’d vanquished my prey, victory was mine 

The small hapless creature would no longer dine

On the scraps and the crumbs that he found in our house

No longer a nuisance, he was now a dead mouse

My bride rejoiced and clapped with delight

She could now go to bed and not sleep with a light

Happiness returned to our everyday lives

Because of the rodent’s untimely demise

Sadly, removing him cost him his life

But it made me a hero in the eyes of my wife!

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