Some groups lend themselves to laughter and humor

They are young, middle age, and even late bloomers

People are funny. Yes, that much we know

So let’s take a quick look and get on with the show!


It’s difficult to find that one special guy

Who doesn’t wear socks with sandals. But why?

She’ll kiss a frog cause he might be a prince

But if he is not – she’ll for sure want to rinse!


They want a nice girl who can cook and can clean

Someone to show off. With whom they can be seen

A lovely lady he can keep on the shelf

When he wakes from this DREAM, he’ll still be by HIMSELF!


Decades of marriage and bloom’s off the rose

Hubby uses wife’s dish towels when he blows his nose

Makes her so mad because she knows that he knows

Not to sit in the kitchen trimming nails on his toes!


They love their kitties. Of that, there’s no doubt

Those petulant pets are prima donnas. They pout!

Their hairballs are coughed up all over the floor

You stepped on a wet one! You squealed, and you swore!


Their allegiance is sought and is easily bought

Selling their souls for that election jackpot!

They plead for your vote. They need your support

Trying to be honest is their LAST RESORT!


Sick every day. (Cough!) Might not pull through

Does this look infected? (Cough!) It does to me too

Can’t help but to worry (Cough!) about this mutation

I think there’s no doubt (Cough!) it needs amputation!


They love to kill animals. Executions! Such joy!

MORE guns are much better. Just toys for big boys

There is an old saying, “Whenever pigs fly”

Guys in camo will blow them right out of the sky


Faith healers wearing glasses are difficult to trust

For your hard-earned cash, they can’t help but to lust

Buying a new plane that they know they will need

Donate money NOW! The Lord doesn’t mind greed!


High-powered individuals. They’re gruff, and they’re rough

There’s NO flavored coffee for these guys. They’re tough!

They’re convinced beyond doubt it’s a vice to be nice

Besides, a latte with oat milk is too high a price!


They have a grim job. No glamour in that

It’s such lonely work. Their clients don’t chat!

A weird occupation, they approach with great calm

Cheerfully whistling as they start to embalm!


Some drive so slow they get passed by a jogger

Some drive in the middle just like a road hogger

Honk the car horn, and then make a bad gesture

When you use THAT finger – wife gives you a lecture!


Hiney hijinks! Bottoms up! You’re now on display

There goes your modesty – to your great dis-may

Please grab your ankles! Inspecting doctor will check

Each nook and each cranny you have below deck!


Because they’re hillbillies living out in the sticks

It’s assumed that these people are nothing but hicks

Yes, their teeth are outnumbered by all their tattoos

SO –

When they marry their cousins, it’s not such big news!