Cosmetic enhancement is now all the rage

People want to stay young. They do not want to age

Our bodies are nipped, clipped, sucked, and they’re tucked

And from out of our wallets, the money is plucked!

Some parts you want flat, and some you want puffy

But sometimes the wrong parts are what you’d call fluffy

A facelift will yank back your skin. It’s a win!

You just might look young again with no triple chin!

Take care of the top as you plump up your lips

Take care of the bottom and shrink down your hips

What’s left in the middle will need some attention

And there are PRIVATE PARTS that I won’t even mention!

Loosen what’s tight, and tighten what’s loose

Have a few issues with your face or caboose?

Crinkles and wrinkles are cured with Botox

A glute lift or “HINEY HEFT” will fix your butt-ocks!

(Some rhymes are challenging!)

If they flap in the breeze just get your ears pinned

Then the flapping will cease when you’re out in the wind

Since they’re not protruding, you won’t feel so glum

But ears hold up glasses. You better leave some!

Get your nose fixed, so it’s half of its size

Rhinoplasty gives you a shape you can prize

You’ll enjoy your new honker while blowing and sneezing

With a cute little snootus that’s petite and quite pleasing!

Men aren’t immune to cosmetic enhancement

If it can lead their career to advancement

A hair transplant gives a noggin some locks

Fools men into thinking they’ll attract a hot fox!

There are endless afflictions that people will treat

Spider veins, laugh lines, and even crow’s feet

Cellulite dimples, and stretch marks galore

Varicose veins, age spots, and much more!

Liposuction, reduction, and implants, OH MY!

We’re fixing our tummies, our keisters, and thighs

Injections and creams and all of the rest

So we will not scream each time we’re undressed!

Get your eyelids done. You’ll be glad when you blink

You might get attention with a new sexy wink

A brow lift can leave you looking perplexed

Removing that wart on your nose should be next!

Breast augmentation is the medical term

It makes your chest bigger, and bouncy, and firm

In the real world, a BOOB JOB is how it is known

No longer homegrown, they are now silicone!

The cosmetic cost is the price of dissection

Transforming our bodies while seeking perfection

To not gaze in mirrors would be a lot cheaper

Keep both eyes shut tight, and don’t be a peeper!

If you want a new body, you will have to pay

To look better tomorrow than you do on this day

But maybe we carry our appearance too far

Perhaps we’re okay –

Just the way that we are!!!

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