There are lovely fragrances filling the air

But then there are others that may curl your hair

Those often occur when you do least expect

Leaving you wondering just WHO to suspect

Your schnoz, your snoot, your sniffer, your snout

Throw open the door – and let it air out

There ARE situations that always smell bad

Like bathrooms and sewers and even your dad!

Your pets are a source of stinky delights

Not to mention leaving a few gruesome sights

There are puddles and piles in every direction

There are even surprises, avoiding detection!

All cats like to spray, and all dogs like to poop

That means you get to scrub, and you get to scoop!

Your brand new carpet – furry friends will defile

They couldn’t care less if they are ruining your style

Silent but deadly describes a dog’s gas

Just a quick whiff and your whole life will pass

In front of your eyes, as you snort and you choke

Afraid you might die as you try not to croak!

The biggest offender can be the cat litter

Your feline turns out to be one stinky critter

The odor of cat pee will give you a fit

If they pee in your chair – it’s right where you sit!

The toilet blew up, and the gunk overflowed

You have to take charge. You’re in full plumber mode

The fumes are awful, but you cannot fall BACK

Just pull up your pants so you don’t show your (NOOOO!)

The commode, the pot, and even the throne

What’s lurking inside? A NO breathing zone!

Public restroom is a waiting disaster

Cover your nose as you try to GO faster

A cute little baby is precious and sweet

But it is amazing what they can excrete!

When they fill their diapers, it’s like they explode

How can something so tiny drop such a BIG load!

Nothing is worse than a smelly surprise

The kind that can sting and burn both of your eyes

Obnoxious aromas are just part of life

Because –

Husbands are gassy! You can ask any wife!!

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