This is a topic most men won’t go near

But I’M going there – though filled with some fear

“THE CHANGE OF LIFE” is what my wife went through

A subject about which I haven’t a clue


Her facial hair grew. She was sad and afraid

That she’d have enough hair, she could shave or could braid

I never mentioned all the hair on her lip

She was not in the mood for an immature quip

Those moods could change in the blink of an eye

She would feel low down then zoom to the sky

Her physical changes were easy to see

I got out of her way when she needed to pee!

Hot flashes and chills appeared without warning

Sometimes in the evening, sometimes in the morning

Her internal thermostat had now gone haywire

She was freezing and shaking but still could perspire

Her dry, flaky skin had her scratching and itching

Insomnia at night had twisting and twitching

She was cranky and grumpy, and overall glum

I think she regretted marrying someone so dumb

Her face was all puffy, and so were her ankles

It’s now fair to say that her ankles were cankles

She battled retention that caused her to bloat

Swelled up like a beachball, no doubt she would float

“THE CHANGE” is quite a mysterious event

But my ill-informed jokes were sweet and well-meant

However, my bride didn’t see it that way

So my sense of humor failed to brighten her day

But she had no control over how she might feel

Sometimes she would laugh or would cry or would squeal

Her emotions ran wild from carefree to despair

And I had a knack for making her swear!


Menopause is part of the process of aging

And that is the reason her hormones were raging

I finally got smart and stayed out of her way

And she eventually got better!