Dogs are the best! Seems most people think so

But a few disagree. I don’t know why though

Delightful and fun, pups enjoy every day

They’re happy to be with you – to run and to play

When they’re on a leash, drag you down the street

They are hoping another dog they will meet

They love to sniff butts. That’s how they say, “Hi!”

I’m glad people shake hands and then wave goodbye

Stick their head out the window on every car ride

It’s not all that great. I actually tried

Got a face full of bugs and a poke in the eye

People pointed and laughed as we slowly drove by

Although pups know that they have their own dish

They want to eat YOUR food! That’s their deepest wish

Sitting and begging, they look so forlorn

Hoping a small scrap will soon be air born

They watch every bite just in case you might drop

A morsel or crumb that lands with a plop

That’s when they pounce in the blink of an eye

And gulp down the miracle that fell from the sky

A perfectly good water bowl dogs will walk by

On their way to the toilet, where they drink when they’re dry

It does not make sense. It seems like a waste

But it’s what they prefer because they love that taste!

Taking a bath is what most canines hate

Get them out of the tub, and you are tempting fate

Wet dogs get the zoomies! On you, they will jump

Jiggling and wiggling their soggy plump rump

When you get a new puppy, welcome to the THREE P’s

PEE, POOP, AND PUKE – you’ll grow sick of all these

Dogs won’t go out in the rain when it’s wet

They are more than content to go on brand new car-pet

(Rhyming is not easy!)

You will need to walk them when they have to go

Dogs are persnickety. They look long and slow

Just where they will poop is a magical spot

It requires much searching before they will squat

A trip to the vet to go under the blade

They’re going to get neutered or going to get spayed

It might make them grumpy cause they’ll wear a cone

To prevent them from licking in their HAPPY zone!

With the dog on your lap, watch a new TV show

When something goes wrong, it’s a bad smell! OH NO!

The puppy has gas! There’s a whiff on the rise

Silent but deadly, it’s burning your eyes

But we still love them because –

Dogs are a blessing. Man’s best friend, they say

They’re faithful and loyal and brighten our day

Til they yank on the table cloth, and the food all goes splat

But it could be much worse.

You could have a cat!

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