There is an affliction that most men won’t mention

Which HE thinks requires a quick intervention!

A problem that has a FOUR HOUR resolution

It’s the MAGIC BLUE PILL! Such a happy solution!

A game-changing drug that rhymes with Niagara

The wonder it works is like ABRACADABRA!

Amazingly, it can bring the dead back to life

And that makes him happy, not to mention his wife!

The problem started with a roll in the hay

His deepest desire was to be boinking away

But something was wrong. It was not okie dokie

Hanky panky had hokey –


He thought that the good days were forever gone

No more would he whistle and break out in song

But a medical miracle appeared as a pill

WHOOHOO!!! A prescription he could not wait to fill!

Sweet relief had arrived, and he’d pay any price

To find his way back to that lost paradise

Considered it a bargain. A steal of a deal

His gleeful zeal would soon cause him to squeal!

He took the first dose, and the waiting began

Hope against hope he would be a new man

Soon felt some goosebumps and then a slight tingle

The jingle in his dingle meant that he would soon mingle!

He now felt confident before the big game

That with the first pitch, things would not be the same

Not going to be thrown out as he raced for first base

NO! He’d score a run with a big grin on his face!

With zip in his zipper – couldn’t wait for the fun

It was his turn to bat, and he smacked a home run!


Then he hit a high note that they hit on Broadway!

Afternoon delights are now back on the menu

Any time, any place. It can be any venue

Cause he’s back in the saddle and ready to ride!

Breaking into a gallop! He’s hitting his stride!

Sorry!!! That’s just gross!

The magic blue pill is a party invitation

To join in the fun with a great celebration

That drug should be packaged along with confetti

To toss in the air when you’re breathless and sweaty!