Seasonal allergies will be our demise!

The pills, the sprays, the watery eyes

If you have a large nose, you are asking for trouble

With a big old honker, the sneezes are double

When the mold and the ragweed are raging severe

Try not to breathe during that time of year

Just stay in the house and do not venture out

Do not let those spores find a home in your snout

Back down your throat – drains the post-nasal drip

Or – it leaks out the front and runs down on your lip

With a snoot full of goop and a big load of glop

It endlessly seems to just pour out and plop!

Your itchy and burning eyes are all puffy

You can’t smell a thing cause your smeller’s all stuffy

Congestion so bad when you sneeze you blow chunks

Antihistamines won’t even clear out that gunk

Sadly, you’re allergic to all kinds of things

Suffering in fall, winter, summer, and spring

Sniffling, and leaking, and oozing, oh wow!

You want some relief, and you want it right now!

The air fills up when the howling wind blows

All of the bad stuff flies straight up your nose

The grass, the weeds, and even the trees

You slurp, and you hack, and you can’t help but wheeze

Airborne allergens, the worst is the pollen

It coats everything as soon as it’s fallen

Just take one good whiff, and you’ll go see the doc

He’ll give you a shot, and that might make you squawk

With handkerchiefs, tissues, and sleeves of a shirt

You wipe off your nose each time that it squirts

All of that drainage! Where does it go?

Your proboscis grows sore from blow after blow

And then it gets worse –

The coughing, the choking, and all of the spewing

The snot and the mucus mean trouble is brewing

Then suddenly a surprise! A shock to your heart!

Without any warning, you sneeze and you fart!

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