Cats are quite moody, as the star of the show

Just what they are thinking, we may never know

One time they will cuddle because they feel meek

Next time, forget it! Touch them – they freak!

Felines are drooly. When you pet them. It’s nice

But hit the wrong spot, and you will pay the price

That’s the thanks that you get for trying to be kind

Cats are persnickety! Don’t touch their behind!!

Gives your heart a start when they bolt through the house

Big burst of energy. Are they chasing a mouse?

NO! They’ve got the ZOOMIES! They’re off with a dash

Just a matter of time til they make something crash

At Christmas, the kitty took down the tree quick

Sideways slide, performing her favorite trick

Watching cat race is a sight you adore

Til Aunt Myrtle’s URN gets dumped out on the floor

Their putrid canned food comes out in a swirl

The look and the stench makes you want to hurl

Whether liver or fish, it all goes down easy

You’re left with dry heaves and a stomach that’s queasy

But whatever goes in has got to come out

Causing litter box nightmares that will make you pout

The horrors of cat poop are gruesome and grim

And kitty may not use box. It’s always a whim

Even worse is the way that they spray in the house

With powerful cleaners, the carpet you douse

Scrubbing and scouring makes you even madder

But cats do not care where they empty their bladders!

Stepping on hairballs in the dark of night

Fresh, warm, and squishy gives you quite a fright

Because you are barefoot – oozes up between toes

In your life with your feline, it’s one of the LOWS!

You walk into a room, and something’s amiss

OH NO! Not again! The cat ate the goldfish!

And finally –

In sweet family photo, something disgusting is caught

Kitty lifting a hind leg and licking THAT spot!!

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