The story should start where the story begins

Cats have nine lives, ours is on TEN

While helping my wife, which is always my aim

I worked on the laundry while missing the game

TV is important, but so are clean clothes

So doing my chores is the path that I chose

Soon I’d regret that I hadn’t stayed put

In my comfy recliner, my dog at my foot

For helping my wife led to such a disaster

That joy could not leave from our house any faster

With laundry piled up, I sprang into action

I’d miss some of the game, but just a small fraction

The washer was done. It was time for the dryer

The clothes went in – fate began to conspire

Trouble came quick, and it came with a sound

A tiny “Meow” my giant ears found

It came from inside the whirling machine

The rolling and bumping – a terrible scene

I could not believe what I knew to be true

This couldn’t have happened right out of the blue

A mistake was made – not by me but the cat

She jumped in the dryer and happily sat

My back had been turned, and she took a big chance

When I pushed that button, she started to dance

Spinning and tumbling, the cat was in fear

Then my wife heard the noise, “What is it, my dear?”

I pleaded my case that it wasn’t my fault

The cat had jumped in for a free somersault

Realizing the trouble that I was now in

Panicked, I stopped the poor dizzy cat’s spin

The critter came out in a fog and a daze

Her eyes bouncing wildly and covered in glaze

No body parts harmed, her brain still intact

My wife had to realize the truth of the fact

That the cat had snuck by in her secretive way

There was no need for blame, I should not have to pay

Since it all ended well, my spouse held no grudge

The feline survived, there was nothing to judge

In fact, she’s still with us

And no worse for wear

Happily living her life without care

The cat proved herself to be more than a toughie

And after her ride, she was safe, warm, and fluffy!

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